Beneath the Same Heaven

Beneath the Same Heaven is a love story of an American woman and a Pakistani-born Muslim man, who seem to have bridged the divide between Western and Islamic world views.

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Fire and Ice: Poetry Analysis

Fire and Ice By: Robert Frost Some say the world will end in fire… Robert Frost This is one of Frost’s most popular poems, published in the 1920’s, with an age-old theme; the end of the world. This poem is interesting in that offers to ways of destruction, fire or ice. The idea that “fire” […]

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The 4 Benefits of Reading Daily

I think we all can agree that finding the time to relax from our busy lives and just read a book is nearly impossible. Of course, we all read daily, it is a part of our jobs, of driving, of cooking and just using our phones. In fact, we are constantly surrounded by words and […]

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