Black Hammer: The Event                                                                                                                   By: Jeff Lemire, Dean Ormston, David Rubin, Dave Stewart

Genre: Superhero Comic Book

Reading time: One hour

“I was so worried it was the end of everything. I admit, one of my theories was that this was -sounds stupid to say it now- but this was Heaven and we’d all died.”

Summary: This is the second volume of the Black Hammer series, a visitor mysteriously arrives on the farm who is very close to one of the superheros residing there. She immediately starts looking for answers and clues to get the stranded superheros home to their city. She has revived hope for these tired do-gooders and they make another attempt at regaining their freedom from the strange town.

‘ No, Abraham, I am the Black Hammer…and I remember everything.”

Rant: Another beautiful peace of writing that world would be better for seeing. This comic book was just as good as its predecessor with the complex story and beautiful pictures continuing to unfold in this volume. Each of the character’s stories continue to unfold in shocking ways, the reader is always engaged in this masterpiece. There is none of the normal superhero mumbo-jumbo. It is entirely its own unique entity written with splendid simplicity that makes it deep and meaningful. The pictures continue to be a great support to this piece, explaining more than the cliche 1000 words ever could. The most disappointing part is that I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL JANUARY FOR THE NEXT VOLUME. But I am waiting, rather impatiently to read the next part of this story which I am sure will not dissatisfy. Overall another brilliant read. 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend.

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