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How to Fit Reading into your Busy Schedule


With the stress of our busy lives, it becomes difficult to find a few spare minutes to escape into our favorite novels. But below are the very best tips and tricks to bet the rush and shorten the to-be-read list.

  1. Make time in the morning: Wake up 20 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour early to read a few chapters of your book.
  2. Read at breakfast or on the bus: Instead of staring blankly at your cup of coffee reading a chapter or two at breakfast not only stimulates the mind but helps you reach your daily reading goal.
  3. Utilize Audiobooks: The average person spends 26 minutes commuting to work every day. Combining that with the ride home you could potentially have 52 minutes of free time to listen to audio books, that’s like a book a week.
  4. Read before bed: If you can’t manage to wake up early then read in bed before falling asleep. Designate a block of time you intend to read every day. Once it becomes a habit you won’t have any problem maintaining it.
  5. One or two chapters at a time is enough: With the fast-paced life most people live, they are unable to sit down and read for three hours. That’s okay! Reading two or three chapters at a time is still reading. It may seem like minimal progress but what better way to savor a brilliant story than to pace yourself? After a couple weeks you will have finished your book with the little free time you managed to make for yourself.
  6. Pick a book you love: Reading shouldn’t seem like a chore and if you have to force yourself to get through each chapter it’s more like work than a hobby. Experiment around with genres, authors, series, the possibilities are endless.

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