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By: Robert Lowell

“We wished our two souls might return like gulls to the rock. In the end, the water was too cold for us.”

Analysis: This is a beautiful nostalgic poem encompassing the longing and lost hope that a trip down memory lane can uncover. The use of color imagery creates a vivid picture of the past and contributes to the meaning by helping the reader understand that at the time, this moment was great but in comparison to his life, this moment was the beginning of the end. This poem is divided into quatrains, does not rhyme and uses repetition as a literary tool. The overall mood is nostalgic, lacking bitterness for the events that followed. This one portion of time is looked back upon fondly and the narrator wishes he could return to the point where something was wrong but they didn’t know what. This memory is right on the cusp of their relationship collapsing.

I personally think it is a beautiful poem, the vivid colors stand out and it transports you to a time in your own life that is bittersweet. You can’t look back too harshly because you truly enjoyed what happened you just wish it had ended differently. The use of imagery made me feel the ocean and see the colors, I could even feel the longing this narrator had to head back in time just relive the moment one more time. Overall 10 out of 10 stars. Beautifully written, will read over and over.

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