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Real readers know that sometimes borrowing a book just isn’t as satisfying as owning it. You don’t want to take your precious book back to your local library you want to put it on your overflowing shelf where it will sit for a millennium. No judgment, it happens to the best us. Below are the best tips and tricks to get you the most books for the least amount of money!

  • Go to local Book Sales: Many organizations host books sales where you can get great books for under $2. Even better than that are the bag sales, enabling you to get an entire bag of books for a fixed price (sometimes $5 sometimes $10).
  • Clearing out sales: Libraries that accept donations usually end up collecting multiple copies of the same books and it’s physically impossible for the library to keep them all. Sometimes these sales aren’t even announced there just happens to be a cardboard box in the back right corner housing some unwanted books that could be yours for 50 cents. Every once in a while just pop into your local library and save a bundle!
  • Buy Ebooks: Depending on how strong the urge to own a book is, buying ebooks for $1.99 would be a cheap alternative to buying the paperback version for $19.99 and the plus side is you do own the book.
  • Used Book Stores: If you have a used bookstore in your vicinity by all means shop there! Not only are they becoming a rare commodity, but you can also get some great books for $5. Support your local used bookstores! They are a gem, housing out of print, old or rare books!
  • Take them from your friends: We all have friends that don’t read yet somehow they have acquired a collection of books to rival your own. Of course, they haven’t read any of them and they wouldn’t be upset those books if they happen to be missing. So ask (or don’t) your friends for there unwanted novels. It’s completely free!
  • Forget New Releases: Waiting for the fourth books of your favorite series to be released not only wastes your time, but it also wastes your money. In fact, a smart idea to save money would be to wait until the entire series is published and then buy the whole set at a discounted price. If a series is 5 books long and each new book is $20 instead of paying $100 for those you can find all of them for half of the original price. You also won’t be left with a cliffhanger because you were smart and have all the books in your possession.

If you have any other ideas leave them in the comments! 🙂



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