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Every bookworm likes to snuggle up with a great book and their favorite blanket and waste the day away entrenched in an amazing story. But how should it be read? A classic paperback novel has a great smell, a weight to it with real pages to turn yet an ebook takes up little space and can be cheaper. So how should you read your books?! This article will examine the pros and cons of your reading dilemma!


Paper Books

  • Collectible – In my opinion, there is nothing better than buying an old book and seeing writing or finding photos and bookmarks that someone had left behind years ago. They serve as a tribute to the past to honor those before us. Time marches on yet reading remains constant and it is a wonderful connecting factor.
  • New/old smell- opening up a brand new book and taking a long whiff is so satisfying and on the other hand, doing the same to a very old book is the same.
  • Doesn’t run out of battery– You can take your book anywhere and the only problem you will have is when you run out of pages!



  • Takes up no space – You can store hundreds of full-length novels on one device that takes up the space equivalent to one actual book. People with smaller apartments can save space with a kindle.
  • Digital Age – As everything turns electronic, reading online is convenient. You can shop and purchase books from the comfort of your own home or on your lunch break.
  • Very Cheap – Buying a book online doesn’t have to be printed and therefore can be cheaper. A book for $20 can be bought for $2 online. You can buy 10 books for the price of ONE, every bookworm’s dream!!
  • You can read in the dark – In the middle of the night, it isn’t necessary to keep a light on, with an ebook you can at least pretend you go some sleep. Everyone knows that with a good book in hand sleep is irrelevant.


Those difference aside books are books because of their content, not their form so just keep reading the books you enjoy! I am curious as to what everyone prefers though, leave a comment down below!

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