I know that reading “real” books or even reading on your e-reader is supposed to be better for you, stimulating the mind in a healthy way, yet I find it much easier to read on my phone.

Being honest here, it’s just more convenient, my phone is always in my pocket, I can whip it out in seconds, its no extra baggage to carry around, it takes up no extra space, the pages are smaller so you can feel like you are getting through much more if you have 10 minutes of free time. It feels much less overwhelming and that might just be my laziness speaking but why go to the trouble of carrying around books with you?

In addition, you can find any book online and you can generally find them cheaper than buying a brand new copy would be. Buy it online and you can have it with you everywhere you go, plus no wait for shipping, it’s instantaneous. And it is possible to get the books you want to read free if you do it right, or at the very least you can get a sample of the novel to see if you are interested.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love books and I have loads of them on my shelves and they are great when I am at home. I love going to book sales and seeing if I can find some old gems to add to my collection, I am very invested, but they aren’t very convenient these days.

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