Fire and Ice
By: Robert Frost

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Some say the world will end in fire…

Robert Frost

This is one of Frost’s most popular poems, published in the 1920’s, with an age-old theme; the end of the world. This poem is interesting in that offers to ways of destruction, fire or ice. The idea that “fire” or too much passion and intensity, could cause the end is just as prevalent as the opposite, “ice”, isolation and lack of enthusiasm.

It could also be implied that the contrasting ideas of fire and ice could also include love and hate, life and death, or happiness and sadness. Therefore, upon closer examination, he means destruction can be caused by too much or too little of anything in the world.

To watch a video of Robert Frost reading his poem, click this link:

Frost himself, states he would prefer the world to end in fire, which could mean too much of anything. He would rather have too much money, too much alcohol, too much love, to the point it could be destructive than to have too little and lead an unfilled life.

This is a short yet meaningful poem about two vastly different lifestyles and means of destruction. It is a timeless piece that is still very relatable and that same struggle of moderation exists in all humans still today.

To read the full poem click the link:

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