We’ve all heard the old adage admonishing us to “never judge a book by its cover”. And that is all well and good a few centuries ago when the cover of a book is just a something to keep the pages between safe. But now when book covers have become an art, choosing an amazing cover might indicate the value of the book as well.

Visual images are everything in this day and age and the amount of effort put into the cover generally correlates to the quality of the book. The more professional it looks the more likely the book will be professional. And I am not going to lie this is my mentality when finding books on Wattpad or Radish fiction. I like to feed my historical fiction fetish on Wattpad because its a great site with great books, but it also has some pretty horrible books and knowing how to distinguish them is very important.

Looking at the cover is a great way to do so for example:

Good Book Cover
I’m never reading this!

Generally, when an author cares about their book it is good and when they care about their story they also care about their cover art. Therefore it is definitely 100% O.K. to judge a book by it’s cover and I would encourage it!!

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