Why I Find it Easier to Read Books on my Phone

I know that reading “real” books or even reading on your e-reader is supposed to be better for you, stimulating the mind in a healthy way, yet I find it much easier to read on my phone.

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The 4 Benefits of Reading Daily

I think we all can agree that finding the time to relax from our busy lives and just read a book is nearly impossible. Of course, we all read daily, it is a part of our jobs, of driving, of cooking and just using our phones. In fact, we are constantly surrounded by words and […]

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A Virtuous Death

Book Review A Virtuous Death By: Christine Trent Genre: Historical Mystery Reading time: 4.5 hours Pages: 266 “He walks a fine line between good and evil, happiness and anguish. This represents the near future, dear lady, so let us see what the cards have to say about the outcome, and the hopes and fears that […]

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